Lee Mee Kiew(Tracy)

~My Personal Detail~

Name : Lee Mee Kiew

Nickname : Tracy

Birth : 9th Dec 1992

Hometown : Sarikei

Religious : Christian

Favourite colou : Pink

Favourite food : Ice-Cream

Favourite Drinks : Carrot Juice

Favourite Animal : CAT!!!

Status : In a relationship ^_^

Aim : To be a successful person!

Ambition : Teacher

Motto : Walao….

Well, I would like to have a brief introduction to my own family. There are 8 members in my family, which consist of my lovely daddy & mummy, my 3 elder brothers and 2 elder sisters. Yes, I’m the youngest in my family. My dad is a constructor and my mum is a household. My biggest brother and the 2nd brother are considered as businessmen. They opened 2 Cyber Cafe in Sarikei. My biggest sister works as a accountant in Kuala Lumpur whereas my 2nd sister works as a architect in Singapore. They will come back to Sarikei and gather with us during Chinese New Year. I feel fortunate to have a happy family. I love my daddy & mummy as well as my siblings.

Explain WHY & HOW I was come to study in Kuching.

I came from Sarikei, a small town in Sarawak.

I choose to come to Kuching because I want to study in Swinburne Technology University College.

I came to Kuching by flight from Sibu to Kuching. Sometime, I travel to Kuching by bus from Sarikei.


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