What is the Interesting Festival of Sarawak?

I bet, the title above is the most popular question we get when we say that we are doing something in Sarawak. It’s either that, or we get the ‘Uhh??”, or “Where again?” or the infamous look which says that the person doesn’t know what or where is Sarawak.

Well, that’s the beauty of Sarawak to be honest. With ‘it’ being hidden from the world, it can be resembled as a ‘diamond’ yet to be discovered. Sarawak, maybe lacking in terms of popularity, but it is one of the few states in Malaysia which has huge potential.

The beauty of the largest state in Malaysia doesn’t stop there. The people in Sarawak are generous, and very culture oriented hence making them the best example of true Asians. They mix around without bother of skin colour, religion or background and give smiles.

Here, you’d be amazed as to see how the festivals in Sarawak are celebrated and how delicious of their food served on the days. Besides, you’d be acknowledged as to see how the festivals come from through the brief history of each festivals.

Chinese New Year Lion Dance

“Kek Lapis” made by Orang Melayu during Hari Raya

Sarawak Cultural Village

Orang Iban make “Anyaman”

Welcome to the page of Sarawak Festivals!!!

Written by Tracy Lee, Betty Tan & Hii Chai Ling
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